Struggling to create content which attracts and engages your target audience?
Want to Build A Movement With your Message? Powerful Creators helps Entrepreneurs just like you do it in just 7 days...
Do you ever feel like this content Creation, social media, Personal branding game is working for others but just...
Not for you?
Have you spent hours sharing things on social media? Writing blogs? Recording videos to then have Facebook or Instagram change the algorithm and put you back at square one?

Has it caused you to lose passion and belief in yourself and your business?

Yet you're seeing people in your industry THRIVE?

I get it...I've been there.

Wouldn't you just LOVE if there was a simple framework to follow, a proven method for creating content, sharing on social which just WORKS. It doesn't get hit my algorithms, it doesn't take up ALL your time and you actually enjoy it?

It's not your fault nothings worked so far... content is treated like an art! When actually... it's more of a science.
Aren't you just a bit SICK of seeing others in your niche get all the OPPORTUNITIES?
There is NOTHING more frustrating then knowing you have skills, passion and a message to share but you just cant get to your audience. 
I know what it's like, I've been there...
You don't know whether to do Instagram lives, Linkedin posts, Tweets, SEO, update your site...
It's EXHAUSTING trying to do it all. You're an EXPERT, you need to be spending your time BEING an expert, not faffing with all of this other stuff.

You haven't got a ton of spare time, cash or really that much interest in becoming the god of content just want people to know you care about them and can help them.

My first year as an Entrepreneur was very similar, spending hours creating content and having it fall on deaf ears
I listened to everyone I possibly could thinking that they all knew something I didn't but when it came to training I was confused. Do this first, then that, then spin around on your head and do a little dance and upload this. I wasn't getting the results I was 'promised' from the trainings I'd paid for. Not going to lie... It got me pretty down.
I couldn't cope with it anymore... I knew there must be a process to follow to get all this content stuff sorted and get my brand growing without having to spend all hours under the sun doing it...
I was right... I worked out a process, a formula which enabled me to create quality content without running out of ideas, running out of passion or spending all my time on my phone.

I perfected it, I taught it to others, I took it to workshops, I shared it with my clients...

and now I'm on a mission to help others just like you!
Hi, I'm Hannah
I'm a Personal Branding Specialist focused on helping you level up, grow your brand and create killer content which converts
Hannah Power
I'm Hannah, Personal Branding Specialist and Entrepreneur from Surrey in the UK.

I am passionate about helping people like YOU to create a MOVEMENT with your message.

 I have spent years working with individuals and businesses on their personal brands, from TV stars to Corporates MDs to Entrepreneurs to my own Mum! 

The thing I've learned which separates the winners from the losers, CONTENT. High quality, consistent, engaging, customer focused CONTENT. 

SO I've put together this offer for you to make sure you are creating the best content possible to grow your brand and SHARE your message.

Always celebrating you,
Hannah x
Powerful Creators
A PROVEN content programme, a done for you project plan, videos from the best experts, a masterclass and enough content ideas to keep you busy for about a year...
...and its all possible within 7 days 
Powerful Creators includes...
Your FULL Content Programme
Powerful Creators is a 7 day programme which includes:
1. Daily Coaching Calls across 7 days to take you from content novice to content NINJA
2. Access to BRAND NEW training materials
3. Workbooks
4. Accountability group
5. Discounts for some of the best Content tools on the market
90 Day Project Plan: Helping you to become a Powerful Online Leader
Isn't it just the most annoying thing when you've got passion and a goal but you're super disorganised?!

I put together this SUPER comprehensive plan which you can follow to a TEE to become an influencer in your niche. It's the plan I used and the plan I was with my clients but SUPED up.
Video Series: The Top Personal Branding videos from some of the BIGGEST names in Personal Branding
Ever go to Youtube with a goal to learn and get inspired by get overwhelmed? Me too...

I collated the best videos from the BEST experts to help you from mindset, to planning, to content creation to building a brand which attracts MILLIONS.
And just because I REALLY want to help you guys become Powerful Online Leaders...
Super Cool Bonus #1
Find your Voice Masterclass

I put together a 60 Minute Masterclass on how I went from Corporate Consulting to Lifestyle Entrepreneur in Bali. I'm not promising you a simple 'how to' video (because I think they're a bit unrealistic) but I am promising you 100% honesty, everything I did and everything I wish I knew before I went to help you on your journey!
Super Cool Bonus #2
79 Content Ideas which guarantee you enough content for 12 months

Sometimes you just need something to get rid of 'whitepapersyndrome'. I've put together these 79 ideas to make sure you always have SOMETHING to write, say or record. I've collated these after years of content creation, so I know they work!

A 7 day PROVEN content programme, a done for you project plan, videos from the best experts, a masterclass and enough content ideas to keep you busy for about a year...must be super pricey right?
Powerful Creators available at this price for a LIMITED TIME ONLY (because I'm crazy giving it away for little...)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you implement everything in the Powerful Creators bundle and it doesn't TRANSFORM your content and your brand, you will get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.
Now it's time for the....
The Closing Arguments
Summarize the great results, benefits, bonuses, and guarantee. Make sure you include some sort of scarcity or urgency. 

You can also do a sign off, like in an actual letter. 

Remember, you're just one funnel away...

-Russell Brunson
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase Powerful Creators TODAY
  • ​Powerful Creators Content eCourse (£397 Value)
  • ​90 Day Personal Brand Project Plan (£49 Value)
  • ​Video Series: The biggest & BEST Personal Brands (£27 Value)
  • ​Find your Voice Masterclass: Boardroom to Bali (£97 Value)
  • 79 Content Ideas to attract your dream customer  (£19 Value)
Total Value: £589
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For £29
Hannah Power
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